Front Pages 2009/10

After the redesign of the Slovenia Times in 2009 the front page gained on its importance. It sort of keeps alive my old passion for visual expression and image manipulations. Too bad there’s always so little time available for these creations.

Here’s my personal best of front page creations in the years 2009/10. Mostly Photoshop compositions and some 3D.

Two Dragonflies Fu*king

It happened last year on our two-day canoe trip on Kolpa river … This decadent mosquito couple landed on my baseball cap and didn’t mind photographing them for as long I needed. So here there are Mr and Ms mosquito in their most intimate moments. I decided to publish this picture for the progress of natural science, insect sexology, to be exact…

Life Aquatic of Mr Y

What good is a thin compact camera today if you cant telephone with it? For the past few years I’m pretty much convinced there is none.  Except for Olympus u790 SW, an average compact camera easily compared to any other in its range, but has one glorious advantage: it is waterproof. Finally I came to an opportunity to borrow one of these for a test for the day I intended to visit a nearby Spa.

Here’s a self portrait of me hitting the water. Jumping into pools is actually forbidden, so I really took risks for this shot 🙂


I know that for the people who take photography seriously this means nothing extraordinary, but allow me, a person who makes photos mostly for fun, to be excited for the series of shots I made.